Ticking the right boxes:

  • This is the first part of the TEFL Preparation Series. If you are preparing for a course like the CELTA, we suggest you do the complete TEFL Preparation Course

  • This shorter course focuses on learner centredness

  • learner needs and differences

  • and classroom management.

  • It's a great way to take a glimpse into what English teaching is like.

  • Videos of teachers in the classroom and interviews with teachers in the field.

  • 100% Online. Start when you want! Take it at your own pace (About 5 hours in total)

Reviews From Experts in the Field

“The course would be helpful for all applicants of CELTA-like TEFL courses including the Irish CELT because in my experience the greatest obstacle to confident, coherent lesson planning and successful course completion has been the difficulty in acquiring and maintaining a grasp of the central principles of modern language teaching.”

Teacher Trainer and Author of "A Concise Grammar for English Language Teachers" and "Essential Phonetics for English Language Teachers"

Tony Penston

“The ELT Campus TEFL Preparation Course is definitely worth its modest price and the time one needs to invest in completing the course. Anyone planning to do a CELTA will greatly benefit from the basic orientation and understanding that the TEFL Prep Course provides. The videos offer a glimpse into what a 'real' ELT classroom is like, invaluable for those with no experience in particular.”

Author's role

Steve Oakes

“I wish there had been an orientation course available before I did the CELTA course! I was already a qualified teacher. I am a native speaker of English. I thought this should be the easiest topic to teach to date. It was the most difficult! I had no idea about terms like "graded language", "language skills", "TTT", or "choral drilling" etc etc. Three fellow CELTA students pulled out in the first week! If you are thinking of doing any type of TEFL course , even if you already have a teaching qualification, I would strongly recommend taking the "TEFL Preparation Course" with the very dedicated teaching team at ELTCAMPUS to give you an insight into all the new terminology and teaching skills you will have to learn. They can also help you to save time, money and the biggie....Stress!”

Pronunciation Consultant and Content Writer for Pronunciation.Club

Marianne Jordan

Passionate about making teachers great!

  • Ready to take your CELTA or Trinity CertTESOL course?

    A finalist in the 2016 Eltons Awards for English Language Teacher Resources, the TEFL Preparation Course is written by Jamie King, a highly experienced trainer in the field of English language teaching (ELT).

  • See teachers at work. Feel part of the classroom.

    What does an English language class look sound and feel like? See English language teachers from different backgrounds and countries in action.

  • Hit the ground running. Do better feel better.

    This course is guaranteed to better prepare you for your training and build your confidence through a basic introduction to key terms and concepts used in English teaching today.

Example of Course Content

  • 02
    M1 What is Learner Centredness?
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  • 03
    M1 Learner Centredness: Visit to the Language School
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    • Consider your own classroom experiences
    • Observing Teachers in the Classroom I
    • Note down your observations
    • Teachers Reflect I
  • 04
    M1 Learner Centredness: Classroom Materials and Scenarios
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    • Let's analyse some real classroom materials
    • Compare your thoughts with our answers to the classroom material analysis.
    • Classroom Materials Analysis Quiz
    • Finally, let's apply our knowledge to some teaching and learning scenarios
    • Scenario 2
    • Scenario 3
    • Scenario 4
  • 05
    M2 What is Classroom Management?
    Show Content
    • Classroom management, teacher talk and rapport
    • What are Interaction Patterns?
    • Activity: Think carefully about how the following activities can be done to maximise learning for everyone.
    • Apply this idea
    • What is Monitoring?
    • Consider the following classroom scenarios. Think about what should happen.
    • Keys To Effective Task Setting
    • Apply this Idea
    • Test Your Understanding
  • 06
    M2 Classroom Management: Visit to the Language School
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    • Observing Teachers in the Classroom II
    • Note down your observations
    • Teachers Reflect II
    • The Roles of the Teacher
  • 07
    M2 Classroom Management: Classroom Materials and Scenarios
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    • Rapport and Dynamics: Review of a Teacher Trainee’s Self-Evaluation Exercise
    • Classroom Materials Analysis Quiz: Review of a Teacher Trainee’s Self-Evaluation Exercise
    • Let's apply our knowledge to some teaching and learning scenarios.
    • Apply this Idea
  • 08
    M3 What are Learner Needs and Differences?
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    • What is Needs Based Learning and Analysis?
    • When we talk about learner needs, what is differentiation?
    • Activity: Is this a traditional, undifferentiated or a differentiated classroom?
    • Learning Styles and Preferences
  • 09
    M3 Learner Needs and Differences: Visit to the Language School
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    • Observing Teachers in the Classroom III
    • Teachers Reflect III
  • 10
    M3 Learner Needs and Differences Language School Materials Analysis
    Show Content
    • Example of Class/Learner Profiling
    • Example of Learner Profiling
    • Accommodating Differentiation in the Classroom
    • Let's apply some of our new knowledge to these teaching scenarios. Scenario 1
    • Scenario 2
    • Scenario 3
  • 11
    Next steps
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    • Congrats! Here's what's next...
    • More resources for you
    • Before you go...


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