The Experts Behind this Course

On the ground, in the English language classroom.

James Santana Heal is the teen expert behind this course along with Emma Pratt.

James has been teaching at the British Institute of Seville for the last 17 years, having taught previously in the United Kingdom, Poland and Indonesia. He has taught all ages, but has a particular speciality: he's recognised by his teaching colleagues as having "the touch" with teens.

He is interested in teacher training, encouraging students to become autonomous learners and the use of student- generated materials. He has published several articles in the ETP magazine on differentiation and routines with young learners. He has a degree in Modern and Contemporary History, a CELTA and Delta.

English Language Teacher James Heal Teaching Teens Specialist

Teaching English to Teens and Pre-Teens

Approaches, practices and mindsets we need to to develop in our learners and in ourselves as teachers.

  • Understanding development from childhood to adulthood

  • Behaviour, classroom management and rapport

  • Teaching approaches and ideas for activities

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Understanding The Mind and How it Develops: Childhood to Adulthood

    • The Big Stay Home of 2020: A Message from Emma Pratt Director of ELTCampus

    • Welcome and thanks for joining me!

    • The Pre-Teen Diaries I

    • Well-Being

    • Task

    • What to Expect in This Module

    • The Pre-Teen Diaries II

    • Feedback

    • Forming a Good Base for Well-Being in Childhood

    • Mental States

    • Illustration and Art as Platforms for Talking about Emotions

    • What age group do we actually talk about when we say “Teens” or "Pre-Teens"?

    • Our Beliefs About Teaching English Across the Spectrum of Ages

    • Ways to Adapt this Last Activity for Your Classroom

    • What are Puberty and Adolescence? When Does Adolescence Start and Finish?

    • Myths About Teens

    • What Neurological Developments are Taking Place During Adolescence?

    • True or False: As a Result of the Neurological Changes Taking Place, What are Adolescents and Pre-Adolescents Like?

  • 2

    Setting up the Culture of Your Classroom: Building Rapport

    • The Pre-Teen Diaries III

    • A Story About My Nephew

    • What Makes a Good Teacher? Students Tell Us What They Think.

    • Teen Teacher Extraordinaire: Jame's Ten Tips for Building Rapport

    • Our Lizard Brain I: Anger, Stress, Panic and Meltdowns

    • Our Lizard Brain II: Strategies for Managing it and Modelling Control to Our Students.

    • Time to Reflect and Set Some Goals

  • 3

    Practising Language Skills: Listening

    • Let's remind ourselves how we learn language and what this means for our pre-teens and young adolescents.

    • Let's check our understanding.

    • Coming up...

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Tutor: Emma Pratt