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Grammar Refresher Course

Exactly what you need to know to hit the ground running.

  • Pre-CELTA Preparation

    This short course aims to prepare your basic knowledge – perfect for pre-CELTA preparation. But not only that, we’ll get you thinking about other aspects of language we are dealing with.

  • Pre-Delta Preparation

    For Delta Module One you need the ability to unpack grammar and have the terminology at your fingertips. Refresh your knowledge before or while you are preparing for your Delta Modules.

  • The Returning Teacher

    Been away from the classroom a while and need to brush up you grammar knowledge? This course is perfect to get you started, with teaching tips included and further reading suggestions. Welcome back!

Course Content

  • 02
    GR 1: The Sentence Deconstructed
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    • Objectives
    • Common mistakes that English language students make.
    • Subject, Verb, Object
    • Adjective, Subject, Verb, Adverb
    • Comprehension Check
    • Article, Modal Auxiliary Verb, Infinitive
    • Primary Auxiliary Verb, Verb Phrase
    • Pronoun, Preposition
    • Comprehension Check
    • Noun Phrase, Preposition Phrase, Abverbial Phrase
    • Gerund (+ING form), Linking Verb, Subject Complement
    • Comprehension Check
    • Activity: Define the mistake
    • Activity: Check Your knowledge of how these determiners and quantifiers
    • Activity: What do we need to know when we can count nouns?
  • 03
    GR 2: Nouns and Pronouns
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    • Objectives
    • What are Nouns?
    • Activity: Sort These Nouns
    • Test Your Understanding
    • Apply to Your Teaching
    • Concrete and Abstract Nouns
    • Activity: Abstract and Concrete Nouns
    • Activity: Collective Nouns
    • Activity Feedback
  • 04
    GR 3 The -ING Form
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    • -ING Form: The difference between a gerund and a participle and why it is a headache.


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