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Teacher trainers and coursebook writers give us their feedback.

“The ELT Campus TEFL Preparation Course is definitely worth its modest price and the time one needs to invest in completing the course. Anyone planning to do a CELTA will greatly benefit from the basic orientation and understanding that the TEFL Prep Course provides. The videos offer a glimpse into what a 'real' ELT classroom is like, invaluable for those with no experience in particular.””

Steve Oakes, Co-Author of Speakout English Language Coursebook Series by Pearson and Teacher Trainer

“The course would be helpful for all applicants of CELTA-like TEFL courses including the Irish CELT because in my experience the greatest obstacle to confident, coherent lesson planning and successful course completion has been the difficulty in acquiring and maintaining a grasp of the central principles of modern language teaching.”

Tony Penston, Teacher Trainer and Author of "A Concise Grammar for English Language Teachers" and "Essential Phonetics for English Language Teachers"

“Many trainees coming onto CELTA do not realise the intensity of the course which often negatively affects their overall performance. Now ELTCampus offers a solid preparation course that familiarises candidates with many of the concepts we go into and put into practice during the CELTA course. For some less confident candidates this course, which covers key concepts, essential terminology and provides an insight into communicative language teaching in practice, can make the difference between a fail, pass or a strong pass.”

Anna Hasper, Teacher Trainer, Course Materials Writer

“I wish there had been an orientation course available before I did the CELTA course! I was already a qualified teacher. I am a native speaker of English. I thought this should be the easiest topic to teach to date. It was the most difficult! I had no idea about terms like "graded language", "language skills", "TTT", or "choral drilling" etc. If you are thinking of doing any type of TEFL course , I would strongly recommend taking the "TEFL Preparation Course" with the very dedicated teaching team at ELTCampus.”

Marianne Jordan, Pronunciation Consultant and Content Writer for Pronunciation.Club

“The TEFL Preparation Course for CELTA by ELTCampus was shortlisted for the Innovation in Teacher Resources Award, 2016.”

ELTons 2016, Industry Award Nomination

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