Course curriculum

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    Welcome to the course!

    • What we are trying to achieve here

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    Back to Learner-Centredness

    • What is Learner-Centredness?

    • Remembering the Terms We Use: Learner Centredness

    • Distinguish Between Learner-Centred and Teacher-Centred Scenarios

    • Ideas, Theory and Principles Behind Key Learner-Centred Approaches

    • Revisiting Deductive and Inductive Learning

    • The Educational History Behind Discovery, Experiential, Cooperative Learning and Scaffolding

    • Test your learning

    • Reflection

    • Example course book material

    • Course book material analysis

    • Classroom Materials Analysis Quiz

    • Activate Your New Knowledge!

  • 3

    Learner Needs and Differences

    • Glossary of Terms Learner Needs

    • When we talk about learner needs, what is differentiation?

    • Identify an undifferentiated and differentiated classroom

    • Needs and Differentiation

    • Apply Your Knowledge: How would you solve this situation? Then look at our suggestions.

    • Learner Needs Analysis

    • Time to Check your Understanding

    • Teaching Online: Differentiation in practice

    • Learner Needs Analysis: Learner Profiles

    • Classroom Materials Analysis Quiz: Learner Profiles

  • 4

    Revisiting Classroom Management

    • What we are going to remind ourselves of...

    • Classroom Management and Building Rapport

    • Teacher Talk and Interaction Patterns

    • What is the interaction type?

    • Apply this idea

    • Teaching Online: Interaction Patterns in Practice

    • Revisiting Monitoring

    • Consider the following classroom scenarios. Think about what should happen.

    • Keys to Setting up Tasks Effectively

    • Using Whiteboards, Designing Slides and Organising Information

  • 5

    Classroom Materials and Scenarios

    • Review of a Teacher's Self-Evaluation Exercise

    • Let's apply our knowledge to some lesson scenarios. Find the cause and the best solutions.

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    Next steps

    • More resources for you

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