Teaching English to Children

What do we need to know about teaching Young Learners?

So, you’ve completed your English language certificate for teaching adults and you have managed to score a teaching job. You’ll be teaching young learners! Teaching English to children isn’t just throwing a few games and colouring in activities on top of your teacher training for adults.

What you need to know:

Want to be great?

  • What are the characteristics of young learners?

  • How do children learn to listen and speak?

  • How do children learn to read and write?

  • What effect does this have on teaching children a second or other language such as English?

  • How do we manage the classroom?

  • How do we plan lessons for children? What do we need to consider?

Ideas to Apply in the Classroom

Lots of tips and classroom activities to use. Ideas for large classes and different ages from very young learners to early teens/adolescents.
Ideas to Apply in the Classroom

Reviews of the ELTCampus Young Learners Course

All five modules

Two modules about to be added