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    Welcome to your resource library!
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    • How to access your resources
    • Teaching English Lessons Online: How to set up an online classroom
  • 02
    Video resources
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    • Ideas for boardwork and dealing with all that emergent info and learning.
  • 03
    Teens and Adolescents
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    • Fun, Creativity Imagination and Secondary Learners article by Fiona Mauchlin
    • Guided Visualisation: Teens can just fous on a point if they are too embarreassed to close their eyes.
    • The Cooperative Learning Approach
    • Article Link : 11-13 year Olds and Language Development
    • 8 Video Channels for Teens and Older YLs
    • Podcasting and Audio Editing Tools
  • 04
    CELTA Downloadable Resources
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    • TEFL Terminology: Learner Centredness
    • TEFL Terminology: Classroom Management
    • TEFL Terminology: Learner Needs and Differences
    • TEFL Terminology: Language Clarification
    • TEFL Terminology: Language Practice
    • TEFL Terminology: Receptive Skills
    • TEFL Terminology: Productive Skills
    • Sample Lesson Plan Template
  • 05
    Young Learners
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    • Guided Visualisation
    • Cooperative Learning
    • Key Characteristics of YLS By Audrey McIlvain
    • Children's Development: 7-9 year olds
    • Children's Development: 4-6 year olds
    • Children's Development: 11-12 year olds
  • 06
    Classroom Activities
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    • Multiple Intelligence Activities
    • VARK
    • KWL Charts in the Classroom
    • Anticipation Guide
    • Exploiting Infographics- ebook by Nik Peachy
  • 07
    Motivation and Growth
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    • Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset
    • Use praise effectively if you want your students to get better and gain confidence.
  • 08
    Noticing and Presence in Language Learning
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    • Thornbury on Noticing and Reconstruction
    • Think Aloud
    • Think Pair Share
  • 09
    Peer Observation and Feedback Materials
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    • Observation Task I
    • Observation Task II
    • Observation Task III
  • 10
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  • 11
    Video in the Classroom
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    • Film English by Kieran Donaghy
    • Lessonstream: Videotelling
    • Teaching technologies: teaching English using video By Mark McKinnon
    • Notes from a seminar on videotelling by Jamie Keddie
  • 12
    YLS, Older YLs and Teens Listening and Speaking
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    • Listening and Speaking Activities for Yls and Teens: recommended books
    • Ideas for using flashcards from YLs to teens
    • Flashcards with YLs and older YLs, Carol Read FREE PREVIEW
    • Video presentation: Ideas for using flashcards, Carol Read
    • Getting YLs From Parroting To Autonomy: Herbert Puchta
    • Teaching speaking: Maria Conca
  • 13
    Songs and Chants in the Classroom
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    • Using Songs Effectively to Teach English to Young Learners by Neil T. Millington
    • Jazz Chants
    • Listening Skills: Listen and Do
    • For young learners and early teens: Grammar Songs & Raps, by Puchta, Gerngros, Holzmann and Devitt
  • 14
    Strategies for Large Classrooms
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    • Managing a Large Class
    • Lay Outs for Pair and Group Work in Large Classrooms
  • 16
    Teaching English Online
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    • Teaching English Online: TEFLWork Guide