Course curriculum

  • 1

    What is listening in regards to language learning?

    • What is listening?

    • Listening is where learning starts.

    • Let's find out how much you heard!

    • How does listening in the classroom work?

    • Ideas for the Classroom

    • Answers

    • Ideas for the Classroom

    • How do we listen?

    • Check your understanding. Is top down or bottom up processing at work?

  • 2

    What do our YLs listen to?

    • Activity: The aural world of young learners and bingo!

    • Listening Bingo

    • Answers

    • Ideas for the Classroom

    • Activity: What resources can I use with YLs?

    • What do successful listening activities have?

  • 3

    How Can We Use Storytelling?

    • A Visit to the Classroom: It’s Storytime!

    • Storybooks support language aurally and visually

    • What criteria can you use to select appropriate picture books for storytelling?

    • Using Film for Storytelling: A lesson plan

    • Activity: Adding movement to a song or chant helps make it memorable and reinforces meaning.

  • 4

    Case Studies

    • Harvey

    • Feedback

    • The Rainbow Fish

    • Feedback

    • The Blue Whale

    • Feedback

  • 5

    Checking Understanding and Summary

    • Signing Off

    • Apply your new understanding with these scenarios

    • Some Further Resources

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