Course curriculum

  • 02
    What is listening in regards to language learning?
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  • 03
    What do our YLs listen to?
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    • Activity: The aural world of young learners and bingo!
    • Listening Bingo
    • Answers
    • Ideas for the Classroom
    • Ideas for the Classroom
    • Activity: What resources can I use with YLs?
    • Ideas for the Classroom
    • What do successful listening activities have?
  • 04
    How Can We Use Storytelling?
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    • A Visit to the Classroom: It’s Storytime!
    • Storybooks support language aurally and visually
    • What criteria can you use to select appropriate picture books for storytelling?
    • Storytelling Projects: Tell it Again
    • Storytelling Project: The Hands Up Project
    • Using Video for Storytelling: A lesson plan
    • Ideas for the Classroom
  • 05
    How can we use songs, chants & raps?
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    • Activity: Adding movement to a song or chant helps make it memorable and reinforces meaning.
  • 06
    Case Studies
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    • Harvey
    • Feedback
    • The Rainbow Fish
    • Feedback
    • The Blue Whale
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  • 07
    Checking Understanding and Summary
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    • Signing Off
    • Apply your new understanding with these scenarios
  • 08
    Next Steps...
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    • Some Further Resources
    • Here is an overview of the whole YL series...
    • Here's what's next...
    • Before you go...

Contributors to the Course

“There is so much to know about Young Learners. Too many people make the unfortunate assumption that with a qualification like the CELTA alone, newly trained teachers will be effective with children. That's far from the truth. ”

Main Course Writer, CELTA and Delta Trainer, YL Teacher Developer

Anna Hasper

“Working with teachers in a public primary school and years of teaching older young learners and teens with minimal support meant that I knew just how much a course like this would have helped me when I was starting out. I'd like to thank the children, teachers and parents who all contributed their knowledge and time for this course and to Anna for her expertise. Arohanui.”

ELTCampus Director, Tutor and Teacher Developer

Emma L Pratt


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