Course curriculum

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    Let's get started!

    • What are your beliefs about classroom management? FREE PREVIEW
    • Define Classroom Management FREE PREVIEW
    • Now compare your ideas with some definitions.
    • What do we need to manage or organise in our classroom?
    • How much are you consciously...
    • Ideas for the Classroom
    • What does good behaviour feel, look and sound like?
    • Your turn: Complete a Y chart with what you think good learners’ behaviour in the YL classroom looks, sounds and feels like.
    • What DOES good classroom management look, sound and feel like?
    • Ideas for the Classroom
    • Can you remember...
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    Triggers, Rules and Routines

    • What triggers misbehaviour?
    • Ideas for the Classroom
    • Cognition, Relevance, Agency, Tiredness
    • Routines
    • What will your routines be for your classroom?
    • Now you've made some notes...
    • Establishing Rules
    • Rules and Routines
    • Ideas for the Classroom
    • Watch and identify: What are the different rules and routines in this YL class?
    • Ideas for the Classroom
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    Systems and Strategies

    • The Positive Behaviour for Learning Approach
    • Ideas for the Classroom
    • Tool for Creating
    • Characteristics of My Classroom
    • Key ideas for finding control and establishing our desired classroom characteristics.
    • Older YLs and teens, what is happening for them?
    • Ideas for the Classroom
    • Resting, flitting & flying! Predict and plan when to flit, when to fly and when to rest.
    • What are Settlers and Stirrers?
    • Identify and Sort the Settlers and Stirrers
    • Spot Quiz!
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    Attention, Instruction and Transition

    • How do we get learners’ attention? How do we start and stop activities? How do we move on to the next activity?
    • An interview with a YL teacher
    • What Would You Do?
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    Next Steps...

    • Summary and Sign Off
    • Here's an overview of our series Teaching English to Young Learners...
    • Some Further Resources
    • Heres what's next...
    • Before you go...

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