Course curriculum

  • 02
    Personalising, defining and prioritising reading
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    • A group of readers talk about books.
    • Activity: Our reading memories
    • Activity: How do we learn to identify word boundaries?
    • Answers
    • Ideas for the Classroom FREE TRIAL
    • What does reading involve? FREE TRIAL
    • Here are a few of our ideas. Can you match the thought bubble to the reader?
    • Ideas for the Classroom
    • What are the learning objectives for reading?
    • Answers
    • Ideas for the Classroom
  • 03
    How do children become code breakers?
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    • What cues do readers draw on?
    • The reading process
    • Activity: What strategies do we need to employ to become code breakers?
    • Answers
    • Post task reflection
    • Activity: Read and add in the missing vowels
    • Answers
    • Ideas for the Classroom
    • Activity: Read about strategies and answer comprehension questions
    • Answers
    • Post task reflection: "Pre While and Post" reading lesson stages
    • Are there any disdvantages of the 2 approaches mentioned? Emma and Clara give their thoughts.
  • 04
    Assessing Reading Activities
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    • Activity: Categorise these reading resources
    • Activity: Categorise these reading activities
    • Suggested Answers
    • Ideas for the Classroom
  • 05
    Case Studies
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    • Case Study 1
    • Feedback
    • Case Study 2
    • Feedback
    • Case Study 3
    • Feedback
    • Case Study 4
    • Feedback
    • Case Study 5
    • Feedback
    • Case Study 6
    • Feedback
  • 06
    Summary and Next Steps...
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    • Summary
    • Reading Module Summary
    • Some Further Resources
    • Here is an overview of the whole YL series...
    • Here's what's next...
    • Before you go...

Contributors to the Course

“There is so much to know about Young Learners. Too many people make the unfortunate assumption that with a qualification like the CELTA alone, newly trained teachers will be effective with children. That's far from the truth. ”

Main Course Writer, CELTA and Delta Trainer, YL Teacher Developer

Anna Hasper

“Working with teachers in a public primary school and years of teaching older young learners and teens with minimal support meant that I knew just how much a course like this would have helped me when I was starting out. I'd like to thank the children, teachers and parents who all contributed their knowledge and time for this course and to Anna for her expertise. Arohanui.”

ELTCampus Director, Tutor and Teacher Developer

Emma L Pratt


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