Many things in life are wobbly, but learning and teaching will always be happening.

Although we are returning back to the classrooms, we know this could be temporary. Teaching online is now a core part of our teaching toolkit.

Don't be afraid! Grab the future with both hands! You now have students waiting for you all around the world! Our preparation course includes free teaching online resources and teacher diary, all made with love during lockdown and are dedicated to the thousands of dedicated teachers who rose to the new challenge. #legends 💖💖💖

You've taken the first step and invested in a reputable training course, now make every penny count

Increase your performance with our 100% online preparatory course bundle. Now with an extra module to help you with teaching (and being taught) online!

Are you tech-ready for the CELTA online?

Our course now features a new module on teaching online and a checklist of what you need to know how to do. We'll have you extra prepared!

The CELTA is an intensive and demanding course and for many. It'll be the first time you'll be introduced to new teaching styles, theories and methodologies.

This could be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.

The Full Course Bundle Covers:
  • Insights into the key teaching methodologies
  • A grammar refresher and language awareness course
  • Access to teacher development resource library and a tutor to answer your questions
  • Learn about the basic notions and methodologies that drive language teaching today, refresh your grammar and awaken your language awareness.

You get: Intro to Methodology + Grammar Refresher + Experienced English teacher and trainer as your tutor.
All the courses individually cost 120 GBP together. Buy them as a bundle for 95 GBP.

The Online CELTA

Cambridge Assessment has granted that CELTA can finally be taken 100% online.

The course will have the same content as the full time, part-time, and online blended options. The main difference is that classes will be live-streamed through a video sharing platform.

Just like the face-to-face CELTA course, there will still be real teaching practice assessed and moderated by a certified CELTA Assessor.

Check out our resources to help prepare you for online teaching and the online CELTA

Online CELTA courses find dates and fees through StudyCELTA

Our Pre CELTA Preparation Course Bundle

Here are all the modules that are included in your mega-bundle:

What the Experts are Saying

“The ELT Campus TEFL Preparation Course is definitely worth its modest price and the time one needs to invest in completing the course. Anyone planning to do a CELTA will greatly benefit from the basic orientation and understanding that the TEFL Prep Course provides. The videos offer a glimpse into what a 'real' ELT classroom is like, invaluable for those with no experience in particular.””

Steve Oakes, Co-Author of Speakout English Language Coursebook Series by Pearson and Teacher Trainer

“As an experienced CELTA and YL-extension teacher trainer I’m so pleased to finally have an opportunity to refer potential candidates to a TESOL/TEFL Preparation Course. Many trainees coming onto CELTA do not realise the intensity of the course which often negatively affects their overall performance. Now ELTCampus offers a solid preparation course that familiarises candidates with many of the concepts we go into and put into practice during the CELTA course. For some less confident candidates this course, which covers key concepts, essential terminology and provides an insight into communicative language teaching in practice, can make the difference between a pass or fail and it can even be the difference between a pass and a strong pass.”

Anna Hasper, Teacher Trainer, Course Materials Writer

“The course would be helpful for all applicants of CELTA-like TEFL courses including the Irish CELT because in my experience the greatest obstacle to confident, coherent lesson planning and successful course completion has been the difficulty in acquiring and maintaining a grasp of the central principles of modern language teaching.”

Tony Penston, Teacher Trainer and Author of "A Concise Grammar for English Language Teachers" and "Essential Phonetics for English Language Teachers"

“I wish there had been an orientation course available before I did the CELTA course! I was already a qualified teacher. I am a native speaker of English. I thought this should be the easiest topic to teach to date. It was the most difficult! I had no idea about terms like "graded language", "language skills", "TTT", or "choral drilling" etc etc. Three fellow CELTA students pulled out in the first week! If you are thinking of doing any type of TEFL course , even if you already have a teaching qualification, I would strongly recommend taking the "TEFL Preparation Course" with the very dedicated teaching team at ELTCAMPUS to give you an insight into all the new terminology and teaching skills you will have to learn. They can also help you to save time, money and the biggie....Stress!”

Marianne Jordan, Pronunciation Consultant and Content Writer for Pronunciation.Club

“The TEFL Preparation Course for CELTA by ELTCampus was shortlisted for the Innovation in Teacher Resources Award, 2016.”

ELTons 2016, Industry Award Nomination


5 star rating

Incredibly helpful course with wonderful quirks!

Tate Chaloner

Greatly enjoyed this informative short course, highly recommend to anyone who is starting their study of language or wants a refresher. Highlights include: amazing ideas for dog names that I will definitely not steal and gorgeous illustrations. -...

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Greatly enjoyed this informative short course, highly recommend to anyone who is starting their study of language or wants a refresher. Highlights include: amazing ideas for dog names that I will definitely not steal and gorgeous illustrations. - Australia

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5 star rating

I feel more confident about completing the CELTA certification

Alana Smith

Pre-CELTA Course Made Me More Confident I found the course extremely useful, and I feel more confident about completing the CELTA certification. I have been doing some preparation for understanding English grammar on my own. but completing this p...

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Pre-CELTA Course Made Me More Confident I found the course extremely useful, and I feel more confident about completing the CELTA certification. I have been doing some preparation for understanding English grammar on my own. but completing this pre-CELTA course that helped me focus on teaching. It helped me understand the mindset I need towards teaching. It really helped me. Visual, Interactive, Audio and Written Content I really enjoyed the various ways the information was presented to me. It was visual, written, interactive, aural and I could see a classroom. Being able to see a classroom in action was very useful. The quiz to determine primarily what kind of learner I am was very interesting too! I think it’s important for me to think about the way I learn and my past learning experiences to work towards understanding how to teach better. I also found the hand-drawn images during the course really fun and especially the little sound effects and the cheering by the little drawn people! Providing a certificate of completion at the end of the pre-CELTA course was a good idea, because I feel a little more accomplished. I feel ready to tackle the next challenge that is CELTA. Alana

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The CELTA Experts Behind this Course

Jamie King

Course Writer, Accredited CELTA/Delta Teacher Trainer and Assessor

Jamie King is a Consultant Teacher Education Specialist, Accredited Teacher Trainer and Assessor, Course and Materials Designer.

He is an accredited University of Cambridge ESOL CELTA and Delta Tutor and Assessor and has extensive international experience teaching and training in 13 countries over the past 15 years (UAE, UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Iran, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Ethiopia, South Africa and the Ukraine). He has also worked as a Departmental Director, including: departmental management, product development/course design, product management, quality control, business development and staff development.

He has taught a full range of learners in a variety of teaching contexts, including: Adult Learners, Young Learners, General English, English for Academic Purposes, Exam Classes, mono and multilingual classes and has also worked as a Cambridge ESOL Examiner.

Jamie was a finalist in the ELTons 2014, along with Emma Pratt, for Innovation in Teaching Resources.


  • MA Applied Linguistics/TESOL — Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
  • BA Modern Languages, Anthropology — Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
  • University of Cambridge CELTA


  • Cambridge English CELTA/Delta Tutor
  • Cambridge English CELTA/Delta Assessor

Emma Pratt

Senior Tutor, Course Writer and Online Workshop Presenter

Emma’s specialism is looking at creative solutions to classroom practice and learning, working with all age groups. She has a background in museum and visual arts education and English language teaching, as well as communications, marketing, video, audio, design and coding. She has also worked in teacher management working with the business side of running language schools and working with agents. She is a visual artist with an active, recognised career spanning 20 + years ( Her current project is in writing and illustrating for children. She is also a parent and company director.

In learning, her area of interest is in artmaking as a physical, intellectual, and emotional response to the world. She investigates ways in which it can be used in English language contexts to engage children’s brains, challenge their visual schema, and give voice to non-verbal forms of communication. She has contributed to publications and blogs on this subject.

Emma has given workshops at IATEFL and The Image Conference on drawing in the classroom as well as being the 2018 Artist in Residence at IATEFL. She is interested in the role of illustration in storytelling and how to exploit that in the classroom. Emma has been involved in an Artists in Schools programme and in artist residency projects where she has looked at storytelling. Online, she has given drawing and language workshops for children.

Emma has been designing online learning courses since 2013 and was, with Jamie King, a finalist in the ELTons 2014 for Innovation in Teaching Resources.


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • CELTA Certificate– Certificate in English Language Teacher to Adults (Seville, Spain)
  • Post Graduate: Museum Studies, Massey University, New Zealand
  • Master in Programming (CEI, Spain)
  • Languages: English; Spanish (upper-intermediate advanced); Māori (beginner)

FAQ For this Course

  • When can I start?

    This course is self directed. Start anytime! A tutor will alongside to answer any questions.

  • Is there a certificate when I finish?

    When you have completed the course, a blockchained certificate and badge for sharing on your portfolio or resume will be become available to you.

  • What is the language level of this course?

    You are welcome to take this course even if you aren't planning to do the CELTA, Trinity Cert TESOL or equivalent. The language level is C1+.

  • Is there an online CELTA course that I can take?

    Under normal circumstances you can't take the CELTA entirely online. The CELTA course requires you to complete observed teaching hours and participate in observing other teachers. The formats of the CELTA course are normally face to face or part time for people living in the area near the CELTA centre wit some online component. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic, the CELTA can now be taken entirely online. Cambridge Assessment have granted permission for the course to be taken 100% online until the end of 2020 when this will be reviewed.

  • Will this course get me accepted onto a teacher training course such as the CELTA?

    This course aims to enrich and improve your training experience and the quality of what you do on the training course through helping you be very well prepared. It is not however, a cheat sheet. This isn't our style. We believe in learning and the journey you are about to take as a teacher. This online preparation course covers the basic concepts, but cannot guarantee a place for you on a course such as the CELTA or Trinity Cert TESOL. These courses have strict requirements. You'll be assessed on your initial pre-interview tasks that you complete when you apply. Then you'll have an interview. The tutors are checking not only your English language level - both spoken and written - but also things like your level of language awareness, aptitude to be a good teacher and readiness to be taught.

Got a Question? Contact the tutor.

Tutor: Emma Pratt