Be a Successful Self-Employed Teacher

We believe it is important that teachers are equipped with business tools to run their own business as teachers and do it well.

At ELTcampus, our specialty is the "what and how" of teaching. However, the area of successfully setting yourself up in business as a self-employed teacher who knows your market, your niche, and is paid well for what you do is also an important part of your work investment.

Right? And, this should be led by experts in this field. So, we are recommending this course by our partner:

  • Define your niche to differentiate yourself from others
  • Craft your curriculum and transition to program-based teaching
  • Develop your marketing messages that actually resonate with your niche
  • Market yourself to gather market feedback and adjust to reach your actual alignment
  • Practice your entrepreneurial muscle and mindset to think and act like a successful entrepreneur