Remembering the basics

  • Main ideas behind receptive and productive language skills and types of skills focused activities we often use in the English language classroom.

  • Start when you want and go at your own pace. Ask questions - a tutor is there to help.

Course curriculum

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    Language Analysis and Clarification

    • Revisiting Language Systems

    • Revisiting Meaning Form, Pronunciation (MFP)

    • Remembering your ICQs and CCQs

    • Revision of key terms and concepts so far...

    • Challenge: Wake up your language analysis

    • Feedback

    • Challenge: Wake up your course materials analysis

    • Feedback

    • What we need to consider when we present language

    • Example Coursebook Material

    • The rationale behind course materials and new language presentation

    • Challenge: Identify the target language and context

    • Pronunciation and phonetics

  • 3

    Language Practice

    • Setting up Language Practice

    • Controlled, freer practice and authentic use: let's test our understanding

    • Ways to give feedback

    • Check your knowledge of key language learning terms and concepts

    • Putting our knowledge into practice I: Lesson material analysis

    • Putting our knowledge into practice II: Quiz

  • 4

    Receptive and Productive Skills

    • Receptive Skills: Recap of the key lesson stages

    • Checking terminology

    • Materials Analysis: A reading activity

    • Materials Analysis Quiz

    • Apply our knowledge

    • Suggested Answers

    • Glossary of Terms: Productive Skills

    • Identify the productive skills lesson stages

    • Effective productive skills lessons

    • Materials Analysis: A Writing Practice Activity

    • Answers

    • Analyse a speaking practice activity from a coursebook

    • Let's apply what we know to the following scenario: a speaking lesson

    • Suggested answers

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    Lesson Planning

  • 6

    Next steps

    • English Teaching Pathways