A key ability that any CELTA trainer who reviews your application will be looking for, is language awareness.

Can you show that you know how to analyse and talk about language? This forms part of your initial application and your face to face interview, if your application is accepted. 

Often, perfectly competent English speakers fail to get to the interview stage, because they didn’t know how to answer the language awareness questions properly. 

We look at what you need to be able to do in the video to follow. Also check out our other CELTA preparation modules.

How Do I Need to Think About Language?

Orientation for CELTA Applications: Completing Language Awareness Tasks

Full CELTA Preparation Bundle

8 modules covering basic grammar, intro to language awareness, classroom materials, as well as current classroom teaching approaches + peeks inside the English language classroom.

Grammar Refresher Only

Review the basics of sentence structure, terms and rules. Clear, easy explanations to get you started.

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Language Awareness and Language Clarification Only

Find out how we talk about language + practice questions and answers, watch teachers teaching language, see how actual teaching material from coursebooks work and understand the objectives.

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