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Classroom Management: Settlers and Stirrers

Teaching in the primary classroom is very different from teaching teens or adults because of the amount of energy children have! Knowing how to channel this energy, or when to ‘stir' and when to ‘settle' children will help you achieve balanced lessons without children becoming over-excited on the one hand or bored on the other. An understanding of this dynamic is useful for any age group - adults can need an energy boost or a settle down time too!

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About Your Workshop Leader

James Heal

Course Writer and Online Workshop Presenter

James Santana Heal is an exam preparation and teen expert! James has been teaching at the British Institute of Seville for the last 17 years, having taught previously in the United Kingdom, Poland, and Indonesia. He has taught all ages, but has a particular specialty: he's recognised by his teaching colleagues as being great with teens. He is interested in teacher training, encouraging students to become autonomous learners, and the use of student- generated materials. He has published several articles in the ETP magazine on differentiation and routines with young learners. He has a degree in Modern and Contemporary History, a CELTA and Delta.

Thanks to Our Workshop Attendees!

“Thanks for all your work with James to put on the webinar this week. It was thoughtful and helpful. I was particularly glad to know about the breakout room functionality of Zoom. I just completed a CELTA certification course early last month and haven't begun teaching yet. So, it was great to connect with and hear from experienced teachers and begin exploring the tech for online teaching. I'll look forward to the next session. ”